Garage Door Styles Newark


Garage Door Styles Newark, New Jersey - doors we offer are of a great variety.

Choosing the style which will fit to you, your needs and your house's appearance might be not an easy quest. This choice is usually complicated by lots of factors you are to take into account. 

For instance, every single New Jersey garage door style has its own look. Carriage style doors certainly won't go in pair with hi-tech contemporary house design. Same as the modern-looking glass doors will not fit to the “classic” dwelling. 

Yet all of your own ideas can be brought to reality. Every single house can get its own style of the garage entrance (which is often used as the main house portal, too). How to find it fast? 

First, think about what exactly you want to see. Garage Door Styles Newark, NJ can help you choose.

Types Of Garage Doors Newark

Mainly Doors Are Of The Styles Called: 

  • Carriage

These are the doors made to look as carriage house entrance. They'll perfectly fit to any dwelling with classic exterior. If you want your house to be “oldschool” - carriage style is yours. Those who seek for the really authentic look – see wooden doors. 

  • Traditional

Another classic option to consider. It is the door which looks like usual one. The most commonly used style of Garage Door Styles Newark, NJ assortment. This means it is good, right? Simple, functional, stylish.

  • Contemporary

Hi-tech doors, full glass doors, fiberglass doors, metal-looking doors, specially customized wooden doors, and so on. Doors which make you to think of progress. And help you to be a part of this progress. The most unique of all styles Garage Door Styles Newark, New Jersey offers.

So, when choosing your door, think if its style will fit to you and your dwelling. Plus, consider the type of a door you need. Cause the overall look comes from both style & type. 


Door types are determined by the way of door's opening.

Here are the types to look at them:

The most common among the types of garage doors. Monolith, single-paneled door, which is opened by rising it up above the head. Solid, time-checked mechanism. Enough said.

  • Sectional (Paneled)

As you can understand, this door consists of several parts (called sections or panels). Its construction may seem less durable than the up and over door. Though, sectional types have one serious advantage – the door doesn't swing out while being opened. This allows to use garage's internal & external space more effectively. So, the option will certainly fit to a small garage.

  • Roll up (Roller shutter)

One of the most understandable & simple types of garage doors. The door consists of thin aluminum or steel slats. While opening, these metal slats are rolled up by hand or electric device, located at the entrance headroom. Reliable, not requiring constant repair & relatively cheap type, allowing to save more internal space of the ceiling. Plus, it is easy to install.

  • Round-the-corner

A construction of vertical panels, moving round the corner along the wall of your garage when opening. Can be operated remotely or by hand. In case if you've got limited headroom space, not allowing you to install the opener – this door type is one of the best solutions. Additionally, this door can be only partly opened. So, it will fit to those who often get in and out of the garage on foot. Pure comfort & original look.

  • Side hinged

Practical and simple type. There was a period it lost popularity, but now this kind was “revived”. These doors hinge outside while opening. Original look, wide size diapason, nice level of security and insulation. And again – internal space economy.

Garage Door Types Newark

Modern Garage Doors Designs For Newark

Due to the variety of options, there might be really different, unique designs for every particular case. Possible combinations of styles, types and colors allow creating the door that will respond exactly to your own vision. You only need to choose what you want. 


When forming your ideas – take into account the factors we already mentioned:

  • the exterior look of your dwelling
  • the amount of space inside & outside your garage
  • required insulation & security levels
  • additional accessories needed to ensure your comfort
  • and of course – your own, personal taste according to designs

Our experienced company provides services all over the territory of the USA. If you think you need additional consultation, or you want somebody to help you turn your modern garage doors ideas into reality -  feel free to contact our managers. 

Our friendly guys are always on the line. 

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