Garage Door Sizes Newark


Actually, there is no something called “standard garage door sizes”. The phrase “commonly used sizes” fits better here. Exact sizes may vary depending on door manufacturer, or may even change from one door to another. So, which dimensions are the most widespread? 

When Henry Ford built his first “horseless carriage”, he had to crash the part of the brick wall holding the opening so his invention could pass to the outside. Yep, the trouble of a “car is too big” isn't new at all.

When the things called “automobiles” occupied the whole world and became a part of a regular life - small garages, securing the luxurious property, had appeared. So did garage doors. And the industry, manufacturing them. The fact, that fitting garage door sizes need to be found & introduced, came with it.

Standard Garage Door Sizes Newark

If you want to buy a new door, and doubt about proper size - this article will be helpful. Here we tried to mention & describe the most common types & numbers of Newark garage door sizes. Read, analyze & choose. 


So, talking about sizes, it will be right to mention that door size depends on its type.

It looks like next:

  • Single-car

If you need a door to pass one car in and out – this type will fit to you. 

In the 80's, when compact cars were the trend, small 7'x7' garage doors were enough. Nowadays, when automobiles became much bigger, you'll need a higher & wider garage door. 

Today's standard garage door sizes for New Jersey and other states are: from 8 to 10 feet wide & from 7 to 9 feet high. Doors having 8 feet of height will be enough for the most part of cars, including modern SUVs, vans & pickups. If you own a recreational vehicle, particular width and height measuring is a must.

Big families often own more than one car. In that case, installing two separate single-car doors might doubtfully seem more comfortable. Yet will exactly be more expensive as you'll need to install two openers as well. And to maintain each door separately, too. Check the next option & decide.

  • Double-car

If you need your garage to hold two cars at a time – single-car door surely won't be enough. What can you expect a double-door to be? 

Right, this door is basically two times wider. Its “standard” width varies from 15 to 20 feet. The height is similar to that of a single-car door – from 7 to 9 feet. Common 16x7 garage door is almost certainly enough to pass two cars through the opening.

This option is a cheaper & easier alternative to the two separate single-car doors installation. 

Important advice: if you bought a second car recently & want to make your garage opening wider – consider measuring the garage's internal space. It often occurs that after driving two cars inside the garage one finds out there is no enough place to even open the door & get out of the car comfortably. So, pay attention. 

  • Commercial garage door sizes for New Jersey

This is a type completely without any standards. Every commercial garage owner has his own needs, which are exceptional. In this case everything has to be measured accounting those requirements. 

One 18-wheel heavy truck will need one big (not 16x7 garage door) single door. Yet if there are more trucks to be placed in the garage at the same time – needs change to satisfy the proper business functioning & speed. Once again - everything is individual here.

16x7 Garage Door Newark

Proper Dimensions Measuring

When it comes to calculating door width & height, clients often call & tell us their door is “the regular one”. Yet now you know why this information is not enough for the installer. Plus to this, figuring out exact sizes for every particular case is complicated due to some more reasons. 

Measuring the width & height of your garage's opening is only the beginning. It is required to have enough space to install a garage door frame, spring and opener mechanism. That is why it is important to measure the headroom height (this is where the spring is placed) & garage backroom depth (to install the garage door opener).  

And don't forget – you can call our experts to help you measure your garage door dimensions properly. They'll arrive in the shortest possible time & do it all on their own.

Garage Door Sizes Newark - Thickness Does Matter

Though it seems to be not so important, garage door thickness may be the matter, especially if your internal garage space is not too big. Thickness parameter differs from one door to another, influencing the size of a frame to install. The proper work of the opener depends on the overall door weight. And the weight varies as the thickness does. 

Door thickness depends on materials and insulation. Bold steel panels with no insulation added can be about 1/8 inch thick. This is the relatively low-cost option, which will fit if your garage is detached from the house (which means keeping warmth inside is not a priority) & is used as the storage only.

Otherwise, your garage entrance needs insulation. Insulated door thickness varies from ¼ of inch for the “light” version to 1,5 inches for heavily insulated doors. Though much insulation increases the weight, in case if your garage is attached to your house – it is always better to put more of it to keep your dwelling warm at any time. 

Garage Door Sizes Newark, New Jersey - One Call & No Problems.

As you see, there are many factors influencing the proper garage door sizes measuring. When it comes to the installation – remember that you do not only install the door itself, but you put the big moving system on its place. 

For you to be sure your door will fit, we recommend calling our experts for help. No matter if you need to install a completely new door (overhead door, paneled, etc.), or to replace the old one – our guys will handle. Same for garage door repair.

Call our managers if you think you need more consultation. We work in this business for years, and we do know every client has special needs. We'll listen attentively to all your wishes, and then – install the garage doors that will fit exactly to you. 

If you need a standard 16x7 garage door, 10x7 door, or 8x7 door – we have them all. 

If you want to order a completely custom residential or commercial garage doors – we'll make it for you. 

And yes, your geographical location doesn't matter, too. Our company is available all over the territory of the US. We are in every state, in each big city and small town. 

We are waiting for your calls. 

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