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Opening a door of a garage is no more a work for your muscles nowadays. Most garage owners let technical devices do that instead. Modern openers can make this process nice, easy & smooth. That is why choosing the best garage door opener in NJ is really important. 

There are many different types of openers. Most part of them can be used as both residential and commercial ones. Yet buying the universal garage door opener might not be enough. As their type depends on their action principle, size and durability, it can be difficult to choose your best mechanism.

Unless you've decided to work with us! Garage Door Opener Newark, NJ company is ready to help you find your best opener in the shortest possible time. We have got years of successful functioning behind our back. And we know how to give you all that is needed.

Garage Door Openers Newark

As the experience says – there are no two people having similar needs. Our qualified managers are always ready to help you decide which opener will fit exactly to you. Every client we serve is VIP – that's how we are used to work. 

The services we provide are available all over the USA. You can find us in every state. We are in each city and town. And we are always ready to give you all the best we can. You'll get all you need as soon as possible.

Working with us you get:

  • Quality

All the products you order from us are made according to universal garage door opener quality standards. This guarantees the devices to serve you for a long time. 

  • Attention

As it was already said, we are used to treat our client as VIP. That is why everyone who comes to us for help gets personal care. Leave all your troubles connected to garage door openers to us. Experts will solve every problem that might occur. 

  • Consultation

You can count on Garage Door Opener Newark, NJ company managers helping you choose your best mechanism. They are always ready to consult you about delivery, installation cost and service options as well. Just one phone call – and you can be sure you'll get consultation from the real professionals. 

  • Reliability

Don't worry about the qualification of our workers. And do not doubt the quality of the mechanisms we supply. Our techniques are really durable & people are truly reliable. The number of satisfied customers tells all by itself. 


  • Delivery

Do not care about how to bring your door to your dwelling. We'll provide delivery service carefully & attentively. You only need to show us where to go :)

  • Installation 

Our specialists will install your new door, keeping all the required safety options under their total control. The door balance will be perfect, the opener will function as it has to, and everything will be checked as many times as it is needed.

  • Repair

We work with garage doors & garage door openers for quite a plenty of time. And we understand there are situations when something goes wrong. Nobody is safe against breakages & malfunctions. If you detected your opener might be working badly – contact our specialists. They'll repair everything.  

No matter what opener type you've got. Standard one, jackshaft side mount opener, direct drive opener for an overhead door, or any other – our experts can repair & maintain them all. 

Universal Garage Door Opener Newark


As we mentioned already, choosing a good opener might not be an easy decision. The qualities actually differ from one opener to another. That is why we prepared some short reviews of their types so you could get all the needed info at a time.


So, garage door openers can be of four main types:

  • Chain-Drive Opener

This is a type we can call the standard one. It is really widespread and popular among garage owners. The reason of such popularity is described in two words. The first one is – “price”. The second – is “durability”.

Chain-drive openers come at affordable costs, and they don't require a lot of maintenance. Though, their pros can be denied by the noise generated during their work. If your bedroom is far from a garage – chain drive opener is a solid choice.

  • Screw-Drive Opener

A balanced type. Not as durable as a chain-drive opener. And not as quiet as a belt-drive one. Screw-drive openers have fewer moving parts, which means they're reliable. Yet their overall construction requires a bit more maintenance if to compare with other types.

Additionally, the weight and size of your door should be taken into account. We do not recommend using this opener type together with any heavy wooden door. Screw-drive openers better pair themselves with singe-car doors made of steel.

  • Belt-Drive Opener

This type uses a rubber or rubber-like belt to lift and lower your door. So, there are no loud metal parts in its mechanism. One of the most quiet options to consider. But choosing this type it is better to analyze the type of the electric current being used, too.

Direct current motors open and close your door softly, without making it jerk. Alternate current drives start and stop at their full power. However, if the door makes lots of noise by itself – even the quietest opener won't solve the problem.

  • Jackshaft/Direct Drive Opener

Alternative types for particular needs. Really few moving parts, low noise level, compact sizes. Reliable & universal garage door opener type. Though, jackshaft openers work only with sectioned doors.

Plus, extremely good warranties and high-tech solutions mean higher price. Jackshaft openers are on a pricey side. Direct drive ones are affordable at the cost compared to the belt-drive openers.

In addition:

Garage Door Opener Newark, New Jersey - Modern Solutions For Your Comfort

Got a Homelink remote system already? If yes – we'll help you install & set it up properly. If no – call us to get the latest hi-tech software solutions. We are eager to make your door be as comfortable for you as possible.

We offer:

  • Electric garage door opener remote controllers

Open and close your door without getting out of the car.

  • Wi-Fi Internet gateway adapters

Access your door from any point of the globe. Don't worry if you forgot to close it. Using this solution you'll be able to check your door's status wherever you are.

  • Outside access code keypads

Enough with keys! The time has come for garage door opener remote wireless systems! Just enter your password combination and open your door from outside.

  • Laser parking systems

Do not think about how to park a car. Just do it. High-end parking systems will help you keep it ideal.

  • Video control cameras

Bring a new level of safety to your garage, setting up a camera to monitor it round the clock.

Make your garage a place where your comfort is absolute!

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